The Srikandi Beach Resort, located about 26km from Mersing town, has many attractions and activities for visitors. These include boating, canoeing, fishing, camping and jungle trekking to the nearby forest. You can also go for a visit to the Malay villages here, or go for and island excursion and visit the kelong (fish farm) on the way back.

The Resort offers Chalet-type room, Dorm-type and tent for rent. There is a restaurant, mosque and meeting facilities within the Resort itself. There are also food stalls, rest shades, toilets and shower facilities for day-trippers within the vicinity. A sea sports centre rents out equipment for kayaking, canoeing, fishing and other water-based activities that will make your visit to the Sri Kandi Beach Resort a fun experience.

Mersing Town

Mersing town is located on the east coast of the peninsular Malaysian state of Johor. It is 136 Kilometres north east of the state capital Johor Bahru. It is a gateway to nature and traditional culture. But for most outsiders the small tourist town is hardly more than a few-hours rest en route to Tioman Island. Mersing town is thus best known for its passenger boat jetty where ferries depart daily for numerous offshore island destinations. Despite its estimated population of 21,000, Mersing town should not be viewed as a mere stopover, a transient path to an offshore isle. The town possesses a quiet charm that in many ways represents a fast disappearing small-town culture that once pervaded all of Malaysia. It has yet to see any typical signs of major economic and urban development.

Two main roads run through the town. There only two junctions with traffic lights and only two traffic roundabouts. The two main roads are lined with traditional and modern shop houses that provide a range of modern services. There are traditional fruit sellers, grocers and modern supermarkets, plus a range of local restaurants and fast food outlets, several open 24-hours.


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